The Alliance

Giving water a voice and empowering people of all ages to make smart decisions today that will effect the quality of life for future generations to come, our mission, our duty, our responsibility.


SailingforWater.Org's growing alliance of initiatives, foundations, organizations , and regular citizens, all coming together to address society’s most pressing environmental concerns.

"Water is the world's most precious and finite resource, without it there would be no life. The water that is consumed today might possibly be the same water that once trickled down the back of a wooly mammoth. The Earth is a closed system, meaning that very little matter, including water, every leaves or enters the atmosphere, the water that was here a billion years ago is still here now." Kimberly Mullen, CPG

By joining the alliance, you are giving water a voice, and in order to bring about change, we must collectively do it together.

As a collective force we feel with every new member comes hope and promise for a better tomorrow. We encourage all to join us today, and we all thank your for your support.


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