Our Pledge

Our Pledge

"To empower people of all ages to make smart decisions today that will effect the quality of life for future generations to come."


The Pledge of Yachts (POY) – Is a new registry of power and sailing craft that have joined us in our initiative, if your vessel is in (POY) you are a certified member and we ask our pledgees to (REFUSE - REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE) disposable plastic products whenever and wherever possible, and to join us in our mission for zero waste, the protection of our precious oceans, waterways and wildlife, and for clean water access to those in need.

We are in essence “Sailing for Water,” a environmentally centric movement, exemplifying responsible sustainable stewardship.

Please view this wonderful video by Zoe & Ella researching Plastic pollution for a 3rd grade school project in Los Angeles.




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